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Wine Bracelet Drink Champagne Charm Bracelet Wino Drink Charm Drunk Silver Bracelet Wine Charm Wine Bracelet Wino Charm Boho Birthday Gift

$8.00 USD

Jewelry doesn't have to be complicated. You can switch out or add on extra charms / birthstones or wear this special one all year round. Complete your look with this super simple, stackable, lightweight bracelet.

What you're getting:

ღ Quantity: 1 Bracelet
ღ Only 1 available, other charms / birthstones are available as add ons to the bracelet, please inquire.
ღ Style: Charm Bracelet
ღ Charm: Wine / Champagne / Drink Charm
ღ Color: Silver (see the pictures)
• All our photos are taken indoors with natural diffused lighting, there may be minor differences depending on how your device's screen color is calibrated.
ღ Bracelet Sizing / How To Wear: One size, wears like a bangle bracelet. You can open the bracelet by pushing gently on the sides instead of looping it through your hand.
ღ For Bracelet Fit • Check your wrist size, not your hand.•
• Bracelet Diameter - 2.5"inches (64mm) - Measure your wrist from left to right to and compare with the diameter
• Bracelet Circumference - 7.9" inches (201mm) - Measure around your wrist and compare with the bracelet circumference
ღ Metal Materials: Silver Plated, may contain Nickel, This metal oxidizes (change color / becomes darker) naturally over time. It lasts long when kept dry, taken care of & stored properly (preferably in an closed container like a jewelry box / ziploc bag).
ღThis item comes in a white gift box with a ribbon tied around it, ready for gifting. Let me know if you want me to include a short handwritten note for your beloved.
ღAll of our designs are limited, inspired and none of our pieces are exactly the same. You will not worry about bumping into somebody with the exact same piece of jewelry as you.
ღWe are proud of our work and guarantee the quality of our items. If you are not happy with your purchase, simply message us to let us know you want to return the item and get a full refund.

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No two of our items are exactly the same. We process all the items in our shop by hand, right here in Austin, Texas. We do our best to make sure our jewelry is fantastic, and we are proud of the work we do. We use only genuine materials as listed in creating our items, and we work with customers personally to deliver a unique experience. Learn more about us through our Shop's About page (click on our pictures below.) or Romina's blog

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