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ღღღ Product FAQ's: ღღღ

What is engraving and handstamping??
•To engrave is to leave a mark or to cut grooves on a surface. This can be done by hand, by laser or by a special pen on a machine. Here at Red Panda's Closet we engrave 100% by hand, using a stylus. Our stamped jewelry is finished meticulously & very carefully. We hammer in one letter at a time, using handheld tools, not like our stylus for engraving. As a result of using a hammer vs a stylus, the grooves or marks on the metal is usually deeper when hand stamped as opposed to our engraving. You can see more behind the scenes / creation photos of engraved/stamped jewelry on our blog / social media.

What's the difference with your hand stamped & engraved vs laser engraved / commercially made items?
•Doing items by hand lets us have more creativity, we don't rely on software & we don't have a set of pre-made fonts or design to choose from. We are limited only by our creativity, and it takes us a little longer than a machine, but the results are definitely one of a kind! The finished product usually has unique textures that vary depending on the pressure put on the item as we engrave.

What if I don't like my items engraved, but still want them customized?
• We love working with customers in creating one of a kind designs with their gemstone or wire wrap jewelry. We've worked in the past with clients to select the perfect gemstone for rings or for bridesmaid necklaces at weddings. Simply let us know what design or custom item you had in mind, or ask about our add-on birthstones and gemstones that we can include with your order.

Can I commission an item with an offensive / explicit / mature message, words or symbols?

• We are open minded about custom orders, however we reserve the right to refuse custom orders that we are not comfortable creating.

We do not create items that contain any hate speech, violence, racism, discrimination towards any sexual orientation, religion, organizations, etc. We will also not be creating any items that promote the use and abuse of animals. For example, please don't ask us to put "Bacon" on our Pig shaped pendant necklaces. 

If an order has already been placed, we will contact you about canceling the order and issuing a full refund.

What kind of metal materials do you use? Are they hypoallergenic?
• Our materials vary per item, based on their design, and they range from base metals (like copper, aluminum, silver plated, brass) to precious metals (like Sterling Silver, Argentium silver, & 14K Gold). Our individual listings will have the details per item. If you have any allergies or sensitivities to metal components in jewelry, Please contact us before purchase. Sterling Silver & Pure 1100 Aluminum is generally safe to use and is considered hypoallergenic for the vast majority of our customers.

Do your items come gift wrapped?
•We do not have custom gift wrap, but the packaging of our jewelry items make them gift-ready. Our jewelry comes in a gift box, which is wrapped with ribbon on the outside. We can include a small, handwritten card with your message on it for free.

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