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Hand Engraving, Stamping Metal & Creating With Gemstones

The Team at Red Pandas Closet
Hello there!

I'm Romina. I'm 1/2 of the team here at Red Panda's Closet. I created Red Panda's Closet in 2013 out of a love for creating with gemstones & engraving on metal. I used to give my handmade items as gifts, and they were well received by friends & family. Eventually, I set up an online storefront on Etsy (see the original store & our reviews here). What started out as a hobby became a small business by 2015. (And here we are!)  These days, I work with Kevin to make sure our jewelry is fantastic and produced, packaged then delivered with love & attention to detail.

Red Panda's Closet is a product of our creative passions and hard work. We are inspired by animals & nature (like our name!) and we continually create new products that are a match for our cruelty free, vegan lifestyle. 


Working at Red Panda's Closet is fun! I design, create, photograph and curate the jewelry in all our online selling platforms. I maintain our shop websites and I also hang out in our social media channels (Instagram + Facebook) regularly. Kevin also designs, he makes some items, helps with packaging + shipping and a lot of administrative, paper work.


We live and produce our jewelry right here in Austin, Texas, and we buy all of our supplies in the USA. Everything is created in small batches. We committed to a cruelty free, vegan lifestyle so that means we no longer carry any leather products and we are making sure all of our supplies are ethically sourced. (We don't want animals or people harmed for fashion!)



We try to reduce our environmental imprint, so our packaging has changed a little bit (ex. more eco-friendly bubble mailers instead of 100% plastic) without skimping on quality. We also choose lab grown gemstones unless we find ethically sourced natural gemstones & crystals. Most of the time, we seek out lab grown gems especially. Lab grown gemstones are a great cruelty free / conflict free alternative to gemstones mined from the earth. They have the same high standards during the production process, to achieve an identical brilliance, cut, shape, and high quality. They are flawless, since they are created in a controlled environment. On top of that, we love that it's more affordable & sustainable, since it didn't require years of mining or the same amount of man power to collect.


All of our designs are limited, inspired and none of our pieces are exactly the same. You will not worry about bumping into somebody with the exact same piece of jewelry as you.

The Process Of Custom Orders & Made To Order Items

Here in our shop, you can browse through Vegan Gifts and Jewelry with Meaning.

We stamp items with love & by hand, one letter at a time. Some of our metal designs are engraved or etched. We create jewelry with meaning, so that means you can customize the designs. We've worked in the past with customers to set their preferred gemstones on rings and necklaces, or to inscribe their own message on our engraved pieces.

All of our items are covered by our RPC Satisfaction Guarantee. 

When you order from us, the product that you see in the photos will be the same product we will create. Customers with special personalizations & custom orders can opt to get photograph proofs via e-mail before we ship their item out. In case you are not happy with your custom item's design, we will either redo your item or give you a full refund.

We have fair shop policies regarding shipping, returns, & refunds, don't forget to check those out when you place an order.

It takes us longer than big department stores with mass produced goods to create new items, so please check our current turnaround times or Contact Us if you have a timeline for a special event in mind. (Please Note: Creation and Handling time is different from your selected shipping time.) We are pretty flexible and we do our best to make deadlines. 

Thank you for visiting our shop & for supporting handmade artisans!

Find out more about us & our process on our Store's Blog. 



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