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You Can Help Save Lives

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Hello everyone!

It's been a crazy couple of days here in Texas. Since we live in Austin, we were not affected by Hurricane Harvey like our friends & family in Houston have been. There were flash floods, lots of rain & power outages in some Austin areas but that was nothing compared to the affected areas along the coast. It was heartbreaking to see posts and messages about animals in kill shelters being euthanized BEFORE the hurricane hit land (because they knew in some counties that they would get flooded, and nobody would take care of the animals), and it was even more heartbreaking hearing stories of people and animals displaced & affected by the storms.

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There are plenty of ways to help, not just humans but also animals. (Pets & strays are usually not allowed in evacuation centers & are prioritized less than humans, so that's why we are encouraging you to help raise awareness). We've donated directly & in kind, as well as volunteer & offer to foster (currently still waiting on that last one, since we've been looking for a foster-to-adopt pup). We encourage anyone interested in helping to please donate directly to reputable non profit organizations. Monetary donations or donations fulfilling shelter "wishlists" are often the easiest and most efficient way to help. Some of these organizations help animals directly, if that is a cause that is also close to your heart, like it is for ours. Most animal shelters also take in donations in kind, they typically are things like: old towels, dog crates, bowls for food and water, hand sanitizer, bleach, etc.

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In case you have some time & you are in Texas, a lot of local shelters & organizations need volunteers. Some, like here in Austin have "emergency volunteers" who are only required to be around short term. If you'd like to help a shelter or a nonprofit that serves animals, please consider opening up your home as a temporary foster, or consider adopting a stray. We're glad to live in a place known for being the largest "no-kill" city, and the local organizations here have been working tirelessly to help families and their pets. It's been inspiring to see members of the community in action and hearing stories about people's and animals' lives being saved.


If you are near the areas affected by the hurricane, we've seen the following hashtags being used to help reunite animals with their owners: #foundharveyanimal #lostharveyanimal


Thank you so much for reading & we hope you consider helping a life today.
Signed, Romina

Signed, Romina


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