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Things That Inspire Us At Red Panda's Closet

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Things That Inspire Us @redpandascloset
Hello! How are you? We're sharing a post about some of the things that inspire us. Our creative process relies a lot on veganism, animal rights messages and on personalizing items for customers. But, some of the items come from ideas and are inspired by things around us. Such as...



A succulent from our container garden
We love eating veggies, and we also love taking care of herbs and the non - edible ones. There's a container garden right outside our craft area and whenever we need a breath of fresh air, we just go out and appreciate their natural beauty. We often end up doing designs based on leaves and flowers as well. Like this customizable lotus bracelet (see below)
Lotus bracelet Red Panda's Closet

Our  customizable lotus bracelet, for anyone that likes flowers, meditation or yoga


The fresh cut flowers that we get are either from our container garden, or from local sources in Austin. They brighten up the space in a room and they smell good, too.  
Flowers, Gemstones and Meditation cards
Yellow flowers

Meditation cards, crystals and flowers
Meditation cards, raw crystals and flowers

Raw crystals from the USA are relatively inexpensive and they have their own energy. They're beautiful in their natural, rough state before they get tumbled and polished. I usually end up drawing or at least thinking of new jewelry designs based on their shape and form. 
crystals and yellow flower
Raw crystal gemstones

crystal gemstones
Raw crystal quartz, citrine and amethyst gemstones


Meditation cards
Meditation cards

One of the ways we relax is by meditating. Mindfulness meditation has a lot of benefits. It's good for your physical, mental & emotional health. These cards in the photos are just prompts if you want to set an intention for your meditation.
Kindness card
Kindness meditation card

Mantra for loving kindness meditation


Hand engraving and making jewelry isn't the only crafty activity we enjoy. We've always liked other creative hobbies like coloring and painting as well. Zen coloring has been super popular lately, and we love the deals on coloring books and materials. There's free printables we've found as well. Some of it is on our printables album on Pinterest. 

Zen coloring page
Coloring can be a form of zen meditation
Zen coloring

Coloring in a mandala from a zen coloring book


I'd love to run an animal sanctuary one day. But for now, we take care of the one we've adopted. And we also volunteer & foster for the local animal shelter. Now and then you'll see our posts on social media about them. Dedicating those hours to help homeless pets doesn't seem like a lot, but it does add up. We're planning on visiting a farm animal sanctuary soon, but for now we watch documentaries and help share information about the plight of farm animals and about animal cruelty advocacy on social media.

Alex on a rainy day
Alex looking out the window on a rainy day

Here's what it looks like inside an animal shelter. This is actually one of the cleaner and bigger ones.
Kennels at the animal shelter
Indoor kennels at the animal shelter

There's pens and gated areas you can bring the dogs in for a meet and greet.
Pitbull at the animal shelterOne of the dogs that we walked recently at the animal shelter
Petting one of the dogs at the animal shelter
Little moments like petting, teaching how to sit and playing with dogs help them get adopted and are also very rewarding for volunteers
Romina taking a selfie with a dog at the animal shelter
I snapped a #selfie with "Annabelle" / A733086 and then posted it on social media. I hope people who follow us share her photo or at least think about adopting.

These are just some of the things that inspire us to do our work. At the end of the day, we stick by the mantra that inspired the creation of this bracelet:
I Can I Will bracelet
"I Can & I Will"

What about you? What inspires you? What fuels your creativity? Let us know what you think in the comments section below! Have a great day!



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