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Spotlight this Fall: Lasa Animal Sanctuary

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Happy Fall Y'all - Red Pandas Closet
Pumpkins, leaves falling, and the holidays coming. It's beautiful outside!

We're celebrating this season by giving back. From October to December 2016, we'll be donating 5% of our profits to Lasa Sanctuary. They are a non-profit animal sanctuary based in Ohio that provides lifelong care to abused animals.
Their upcoming event: Lasa Sanctuary 2016 Imagine Gathering will be on November 5. The event will include vegan dinner, poetry readings, photo show, door prizes, music, silent auction & a presentation by the sanctuary founders. We're donating some vegan themed keychains for their auction:
Vegan Keychains Stamped Red Pandas Closet
You can learn more about the animals they've saved, and you can also donate on their official website:
Lasa Sanctuary

I love the animal bios and knowing that there are people like Joy K. (one of the founders) who care enough to help animals in need!

If you guys had a chance to sponsor an animal in need, what would you pick? (ex. turkey, chicken, pig, dog, all of the above) Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Signed, Romina


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