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Shop Update + Fly Free Printable Download

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Fly Free Printable Freebie
Hello! It's Romina. How are you?
I am sharing a little bit of a personal / shop update as well as a free printable today. (In case you would like to skip ahead to the printable, please scroll to the end.) 


First, the bad news: An accident while at work. I was making these really nice custom plant markers. You know, just personalizing orders as usual. It was in the middle of the night, I was a little bit too tired and I accidentally hammered down on my right thumb. Really hard. It was at the base of my thumb, by the joint. Thumb

I hoped it was gonna be fine. Sometimes when you do crafts and make stuff you have accidents. This one was a little mishap with a 2 lb hammer (so that plus the force when I was striking the hammer down). 
Jewelry Hammers
The biggest problem is that I have had previous issues & repetitive motion injuries before. Like last year I went to the doctor's office for what we suspected was "gamekeeper's thumb" for that same, right side thumb. So, for the last few weeks (most of May) I have had to sport a splint. It was constantly painful and I couldn't grasp stuff with my right thumb.
The good news: Rest and restricted motion has helped. Surgery is not needed as it's patching up on its own. I am almost back to all my usual daily activities. During the last month, I was glad to still able to make jewelry. Something you might not know about me is that I am actually left-handed. So, I had no trouble with gripping pens, metal stamps or doing other fine motor skills like when making rings or necklaces.
Vegan Wing Necklace
I do have to admit it took some getting used to, since it hurt whenever I moved my right thumb, but I still was able to grip my tools and compensate for the injury. What I did slow down on were some chores and tasks like checking social media (you know, using both hands to hold a phone or tablet and then swiping / typing with thumbs) and taking photographs for work (I never thought about how heavy our digital camera is).
Overall from this experience, I'm super thankful for:
  1. Speech to text technology and A.I.s. It's super helpful to be able to "talk" to your phone or home device and do things hands free. 
  2. Kevin, who helps with deliveries, packaging and a lot of other stuff behind the scenes.
  3. Having an opportunity to slow down and be able to come up with new ideas during "rest" time. (Like this printable - I came up with this design while daydreaming and looking at the sky. I was actually annoyed about my injury and about not being able to drive since my right hand was wrecked.)


Please click the photo below to download the .pdf file. This printable is for personal use only, and may not be reproduced or shared without credits, sold for profit or redistributed for commercial purposes.
Fly Free Printable Download Red Pandas Closet


Use it as a postcard, a piece of home decor or as part of a crafty project - something like scrapbooking. Mine ended up as a part of my inspiration board, which is kind of like a real life Pinterest board.
 Fly Free Inspiration Board

Fly Free Keychain

 Fly Free Stamped Keychain & Vegan Bird Necklace Designs
Vegan Bird Necklace
 Did you like this printable? Let us know what you think & if there's any other content you'd like to see in the comments section below!
See ya later,
Signed, Romina


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