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Please Don't Wear Fur Bracelet - Story Behind the Product

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Please dont wear fur bracelet red pandas closet

"Please don't wear fur." bracelet - Original design by Red Panda's Closet


Recently, while brainstorming, I thought about how it's already the end of summer and people will start taking out their winter coats and things to get ready for the cooler weather. One of the things that I know most people have in their closets is fur / fur trim items. Shearling, wool, leather, down and angora are also popular animal derived materials. But it's not as "high end", "luxe", or "fashionably expensive" as fur. I created this bracelet basically to send a message. So people will read it on someone's wrist and think - why not fur? Or they'll see the cute animal next to the words and consider that fur belongs on living beings' backs. Not ours.

Please Don't Wear Fur Conceptualization
***(Warning - somewhat graphic descriptions related to fur ahead. Please feel free to skip the next paragraph)***

Basically, fur is a dead animal's coat. Most of these animals were trapped & taken from the wild or kept in fur farms before being electrocuted & tortured. I remember watching in a documentary about how fur is produced. First, they keep the animals in these tiny little cages until they are ready to "harvest" the fur. Most of them, being wild animals, go crazy in the cage. Then, when the laborers are ready, they take them out and skin them alive. Some of the animals are alive even while they are being skinned, you can see them moving & blinking their eyes while they are bleeding slowly with their insides exposed. Their dead bodies are later in a little pile while their bloody coats are in a separate pile. Their pelts / fur is later processed with so many chemicals and then used for "fashion". 
Brainstorming Red Pandas Closet


Much like veganism, one of the reasons to stand up against fur is for the animals, for the planet, and also because there are so many synthetic / man-made alternatives that are cruelty free. If you know you have other options, why pick a product that would support an industry that exploits animals? 
What do you think? Do you think fur should be banned? Do you think there should be more regulation & legislations regarding this? What can we do so there is less demand for fur? Share this post & let us know what you think in the comments section below!

signed, romina


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