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October's Free Printable: A Customizable Planner For Your Monthly / Weekly Meals

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Hello October

Hello everyone!¬†ūüėÉ

Hope you're having a good October so far. I am so excited for all the fall events this year. It's festival season here in Austin, so many things to do before it gets really cold. I've been working on a lot of projects for the upcoming holidays as well. So, in the meantime at home, I've had to really up my meal prepping so we don't have to worry about what to eat! I'm sharing a handy little template today, it's a free downloadable file that can help you plan your home cooked meals. 

Menu & Meal Planner

There is a monthly page & a weekly page. I've found that the weekly is the one that is most useful, since I can write on it and bring a page with me to the grocery. And the monthly page is great for brainstorming or checking at-a-glance what's on the menu for the day. The pages are all undated, so you can actually start today, or whenever you feel like it.

Monthly Menu Planner


Please click here to view / download the .pdf file. This printable is for personal use only, and may not be reproduced or shared without credits, sold for profit or redistributed for commercial purposes.

Weekly Menu


Personalize it as you want, and you can start planning today! I printed mine out on A4 size paper, and was able to book-bind it using a binding machine.  

Menu & Meal Planner

I've also been using mine to track expenses for groceries, takeout or eating out. 


Here are some free resources for coming up with your own meal plans. (Note: I am not affiliated with any of these companies / websites, these are personal recommendations) These are great online guides and you will find the recipes for each meal on their websites. I've found a lot of subscription based meal plans over the years, but these are good starters (and they're plenty to start with) for anyone looking to try eating vegan or maintain their plant based diet.

From the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine - 21 Day Vegan Kickstart
From PETA - 2 Week Vegan Meal Plan
From Eating Well - 7 Day Vegan Meal Plan 
From Veganuary - Vegan Meal Plans: 8 different plans you can choose from
From One Green Planet - Plant Based Weekly Meal Plan by Diet: Simple Vegan Menu
From Serious Eats - Vegan Meal Plan: A week of delicious eats


If you're serious about staying vegan / trying to eat more plant based, you may feel like it's an effort and you want to make it a real habit.

I've created a public "challenge" on Habitica (Note: I'm also not affiliated with them, this is just a personal challenge I've created.) if you want to stay on track & get a reward. Here's the link in case that one above doesn't work.  If you've never heard of Habitica, it's a free app you can use as a to-do list that gamifies your tasks. They also have a free website version that you can use on a desktop. It does require you to sign up to view the challenge or to use their app.

Habitica Desktop Version

If you're not into that type of stuff, there's other ways to stay accountable. For example, joining a vegan community (online or offline) or telling your friends / family your goals and asking them to check up on you.

My favorite one, the method which really inspired me to stay vegan, was actually wearing a personalized piece of jewelry. I never took it off at first, until I was confident I would stick to my promise. And later I made more items, and that's how I really stuck with it. I made a vegan ring, and later some bracelets. A few years ago, whenever I wanted to reach for a little piece of "non vegan" food, I would see what I was wearing in my hands, and catch myself. A little reminder, if you will.

Vegan Ring
Vegan Unisex Ring, Adjustable

Vegan Bracelets

Vegan Bracelets


Tell me how the meal planning goes & feel free to tag us on social media! @redpandascloset or #rpcfreebie. If you have any ideas or tips about meal planning / meal prep, let me know in the comments section below!

Happy planning,
Signed, Romina


  • Jason: January 06, 2021

    I love the idea of meal planning! Thank you for the printable.

  • Alice: October 04, 2017

    Great idea! Will have to check that app out. Thank you for the free printable, I will be trying out the meal planner.

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