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"EARTHLING" Cow Necklace - Story Behind The Product

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Earthling Cow Necklace by Red Pandas Closet
"Earthling" Cow Necklace - Original design by Red Panda's Closet
A few years ago, driving down a small highway in rural Texas, we drove past farms and ranches with all these cows. I was new to being vegan and I thought about how these animals are being raised for "beef" - essentially for slaughter. And I wondered if there was any impact (other than donating money) I could make for the animals.
Cows in a field Red Panda's Closet
Cows grazing in a Texas field
So we got home, and I went to my little "craft area", sat down and considered the plight of the animals that we drove past. "We share the earth with others" I thought to myself. "They may not be capable of human speech, but they are living beings, just like us."
Earthling Necklace Red Panda's Closet

 I wanted to create a piece that people can look at and think "What does that mean?". Something that was symbolic, something that could start a conversation. Most people view cows as just beef or as a source of dairy or leather. Consuming animal products is a way of life for non-vegans. But, what if they looked at the outline of a cow and they considered that, they're living beings? Is it possible for someone to make the connection?
Cow Necklace Red Panda's Closet
So, I picked up my hammer and hand stamped the word "Earthling" on the metal. The end result from that brainstorming session is what you see today on our store. We've had testimonials / feedback about how customers love the design and how their co-workers or friends have asked them about the necklace. Some of them have changed the word from earthling to another phrase (like for example "269 life"by @trustthevegan)
269 Life Cow Necklace
Customer's photo of a customized necklace, shared on Instagram

I feel like wearing vegan jewelry with meaning is a good form of self- expression.
And because of our customers we've been able to give back (monetarily + in kind with item donations + and through volunteering our time) to non profits that benefit the animals. In the end it feels like creating the piece has been really worth it. 
Signed, Romina
Signed, Romina


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