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Behind The Scenes - September 2016 at Red Panda's Closet

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Good morning! Romina here. How are you doing?

It's the middle of September! Did you know that there are 16 weeks left until the new year? (Ha. I happened to check my calendar today & sort of panicked.)

We've been sorting through all sorts of tasks on our to-do lists, and it seems like there is no end to preparing for the end of the year.
Red Panda's Closet Box Packaging 2016

Here is what my main craft desk currently looks like:
Romina's Craft Desk Red Panda's Closet Behind The Scenes
(Total chaos.)
Side View Craft Desk Red Panda's Closet
Don't worry though, all orders are shipped on time, and we're actually a little bit ahead in terms of production. 

The good thing about handmaking things by yourself is, you get to control your own pace.
I love you more keychain from RedPandasCloset

Red Panda's Closet packaging keychain in a box
The downside is, you have to do it yourself and not rely on machines.
I'm pretty obsessive about getting everyone's orders done and catering to everyone's wishes, so I found myself working from 2AM to (now, actually...)
My favorite snack for this type of work hype scenario is fruits & maybe a fruit / nut bar like the vegan Larabar. 

Infinity love rings couple set
I'm pretty happy about the work I do, though. Thank you for supporting us & following our little shop's journey. What started out as a hobby for me initially, while I was still living in Georgia...
Georgia State Shape Necklace
... is now a full time gig. I get to make things that people give as gifts...
Custom Collar Stays Red Pandas Closet
and things that let people express their love for each other.
Infinity Couple Ring Set Box Red Panda's Closet
Of course, I love the fact that we're able to produce vegan jewelry using eco friendly materials sourced from suppliers in the USA. please don't wear fur bracelet
We're able to talk about veganism through our work, and I can use work hours to give back to the community (by volunteering, not just donating). I feel like if I had stayed at my 40+ hour day job, I would not be able to talk about animal rights or environmental issues, or challenge people to try plant based food alternatives. This chance to spread positive energy & awareness about the plight of other "earthlings" (animals) gives me so much HOPE.
Hope Ring Stamped Jewelry Red Panda's Closet
So, thank you for your support. I really am grateful. We'll be back with downloadable freebies later this month & we're planning to have a surprise for you next week! You can subscribe to our newsletter for 10% off your purchase, and don't forget to follow us on social media so you don't miss any sales *cough* or updates. 
Packages ready to be sent to the post office
We're off to the Post Office again today. (And then maybe, I can finally take a nap.) Leave us any questions or comments in the text box section below and we hope you have a great day! 

Signed, Romina


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