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Ahimsa Poster 8x10 Printable Free Download

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Hi! It's Romina here. We're back from our trip to Florida. And I've come back inspired. So, today I'm sharing another of my printables that you can download for free.

Angled view of the Ahimsa 8x10 printable free download


I identify with a lot of Zen Buddhist beliefs - particularly the principle of ahimsa which basically means nonviolence. A very simplistic example would be: given a choice between killing a spider versus trapping & setting them free, it would be best to not harm the spider. I would get a mason jar and wait for the spider to crawl in it before bringing it outside.

On a daily basis, I make a conscious effort to do the least harm possible. It's really a cognitive process, but it's also following your heart about what feels right. For me, an extension of the concept of ahimsa shows in being a vegan or vegetarian. When someone actively chooses to consume products that have no animal body parts, byproducts or animal derived ingredients - they are making a cruelty free choice. Even if it seems like a small choice, choosing 'vegan' alternatives means supporting animal rights and following the principle of nonviolence.

Decorated Wall Space with Ahimsa Printable Download

I wanted to display something that reminds me everyday of this choice. While there are other reminders you can use like wearing inspirational custom jewelry, or using utensils around the house, it's not as big and obvious as a piece of home decor.

Printable Ahimsa Decor on the Wall


We're attaching a photo link of the .pdf file below. There are 2 different design versions you can choose from: colored & black and white. This printable is for personal use only, and may not be reproduced or shared without credits, sold for profit or redistributed for commercial purposes.

Ahimsa Downloadable Red Pandas Closet



Step 1: Print out the downloaded file. The file shows two pages, with both of the versions in 8x10 size. If you would like just one of the items printed out, select the page number that you want printed in the Print Options menu. 

In our case, we did the black and white version.

black and white version of ahimsa free printable download

Step 2: After printing, display in any wall space desired. You can put it on a photo frame or just use washi tape directly on the wall for a more 'boho' look. (Note: Washi tape is similar to masking tape in that it usually won't peel off or damage the paint / wallpaper on walls, but check the one that you're using to avoid damages!) 
Ahimsa print downloaded and hung up on the wall using clipboards
In our case, we used these clipboard frames to display the print. (Hmm. What do you guys like to use for hanging prints up?)


Feel free to share it on social media / email / what have you. We'd love it if you tag us @redpandascloset or #rpcfreebie so we can see your space with the print. 

Have an idea for a free printable you'd like to us to make? Let us know what you think in the comments section below! Have a good day!

Signed, Romina


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