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November - Adopt A Senior Pet Month

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November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! 



Senior pets usually end up in shelters because:

1. They are getting old and they change personality (grumpier or more easily tired) / are less active than they used to be and their family can't accept that.

2.They have a medical condition & their family can't provide care.

3.Their family just no longer wants them and would like a "new" / younger puppy instead of their old dog 

What most people don't know is -

1. Most senior dogs that end up in shelters have a calmer temperament & are more patient
2. They can still learn new tricks
3. They are less destructive and less "chewy"
4. Most of them are housetrained, and can tell you when they have to go
5. Senior & middle aged dogs give the same companionship and love in exchange for a loving home

Featured Senior Dog:


(In the Photos: Poppy, an adoptable 8 year old female Shih Tzu mix who deserves a new "leash" on life. She was found as a stray and would love a nice furever family.)

Meet the adorable Poppy!

She is an 8 year old Shih Tzu mix who has lost the use of her hind legs and was found as a stray in Round Rock, TX. We are fostering her through Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter until she gets adopted, so we're sharing this cutie on our page!

She will be receiving her doggie wheelchair very soon and we can't wait until she zooms around! She is the perfect dog for someone who doesn't mind giving the extra TLC because of her condition. She is like a little teddy bear, she loves hoomans and her foster brother @alexfromatx .

She is very happy just hanging out with me while I make jewelry, and keeps trying to follow us around. We think she was definitely loved and was someone's pet before she was abandoned. It's a shame that she was discarded just because she got older and needed medical help. The community has since stepped up to help, and she will be receiving her wheelchair from Mango On A Mission. If you know someone who is looking for a sweet companion, please tell them to consider looking at the rescue / animal shelter instead of at a breeder. Adopting saves the life of the one you're adopting and frees up space for another dog that the rescue / shelter can save.


If you'd like to adopt Poppy please contact us through - 5129433322


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