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November's New Adopt & Rescue Items - Proceeds Go To Charity & Non Profits

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We're happy to announce a brand new line of Adopt and Rescue themed items on our shop, coming this November!

Inspired by our recent collaboration with a rescue group & of course, our own adopted "furbaby" Alex.

Proceeds for these upcoming items will go towards different animal charities & nonprofit organizations. We have been working to make people more aware about veganism & what it means to be vegan and proud. We're taking another step for the animals & also becoming more active in donating to nonprofits that have contacted us.


We'll be updating you about where the proceeds will go, and we'll definitely be featuring the different organizations we support & what they stand for.


Do You Have a Favorite Animal Rescue / Charity / Sanctuary / Non Profit Organization?

If you have any suggestions or would like us to check out an animal rescue / non profit that we should feature / contribute to / work with, please let us know by commenting below or e-mail us at

Thank you!


Signed, Romina + Kevin


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