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Animal Alert Card - Free Printable Download

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Good morning! How are you doing today? 

We're so excited to share a downloadable (free) printable this week.

The Story Behind The Printable

As you may know from social media, we adopted a rescue dog - Alex and we love him to bits!


(Yes, he's @alexfromatx on Instagram)

One day, we had to take a short out of town trip north of Austin, TX and it occurred to us that if anything happened, Alex would be home alone by himself for a long amount of time. We didn't have any way for emergency personnel to know that he needs care too! (And we don't want him to go hungry or to end up back in the shelter again in case of an emergency.)

Later that day, we decided to make our own Animal Alert Cards that can be inserted in a wallet or purse. After you print, just cut & fill it out. We had seen similar "pet" cards before, but we wanted a specific design, so we designed our own. And, we're sharing it here today.

Download The Printable Here

To download the HUGE JPG file for printing, click the image below and when the larger image appears, choose “Save Image As.” and save it as a .jpg file. This card is in high resolution so you can resize it into a smaller version without losing detail. It was created with 8×10 dimensions in mind, so you'll have to select the size you need based on your printer. The file link when downloaded is much bigger than what you see on our website.  

This printable is for personal use only, so please don’t reproduce without credits, resell for profit or redistribute it.

There you go. What do you think? Do you have any companion animals or pets at home? 

Let us know in the comments section below! (Or you know, send us some pics by tagging us on Instagram.)


Signed, Romina + Kevin

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  • Mo O'Brien: January 06, 2021

    Thank you!🧡

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