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Meet: Jane from 'Plant Based Jane'

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We recently had the chance to do an online interview with a fantastic vegan food & lifestyle blogger, Jane! 

Romina (R):
 Hello! Please tell us about yourself.
Jane (J): My name is Jane, I run the blog as well as my instagram which incorporates more of my everyday vegan life which is also plantbasedjane.  
R:When did you find out about veganism & the "plant based" lifestyle?
J: I came across veganism through YoutTube over a year ago. You always seem to come across videos you never intended looking for in the first place, so when I stumbled on Freelee The Banana Girl's videos I was like "Woah who is this girl?" "Who can eat 10 bananas in one sitting?" The rest took off from there. 

R: What made you decide to become a vegan?
J: I decided to become a vegan in early December of 2015. I knew months prior that I someday wanted to head towards this lifestyle so it was all preperation until then. I cut out all meat from my diet at the end of summer 15 and continued educating myself and slowly cutting out all things I used to depend on (cheese, eggs) and found replacements I loved. When I finally switched to full veganism/plant based it was so easy. 
R:What's your favorite vegan food / recipe so far? 
J:I love to give myself challenges when it comes to cooking. I like to think of my favorite dishes prior to veganism and become a mad scientist in the kitchen to recreate it cruelty free. I made a super easy (and nut free) vegan mac n cheese on my blog. I also made an amazing baked tofu on my blog too! I just love to cook super easy but still make it delicious. 
Vegan Mac N Cheese
R: What advice would you give to someone interested in (transitioning to) this lifestyle?
J: Something that people may not know is that I once tried going Vegan just out of no where. I gave myself no education, no proper mindset, and no preperation. I ended up putting creamer in my coffee later that day. For me personally, transitioning was the easiest thing to do. During the transition period I knew I had that one goal to reach, and I would watch so many documenteries and read books about veganism. I think it's all about making that connection between the meat/dairy you're eating, but the cruelty and exploitation that animal went through for you to enjoy a meal that isn't even beneficial for your health. I also feel like it's important to know that slips up are okay, you're still aiming for that one goal. Nobody is perfect, and everyone needs their own time/ways to transition to this lifestyle. It's all worth it in the end. 
R: Who is your favorite vegan celebrity? (If any)
J: I feel like I admire many more Youtubers/Instagrammers rather than actual vegan celebrities. I love Mantras & Mangos (Mary) , Henya Mania, Mr & Mrs. Vegan, That Vegan Couple. Honestly the list could go on. Each of them bring something to the table which ultimately had a big impact on why I went Vegan. 


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