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Volunteering is Fun!

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We love that Austin, Texas is said to be the largest no-kill city in the country. The Austin Animal Center & their rescue organization partners save so many lives each year. (We adopted Alex from them!) And, we were pretty impressed with the way they run the shelter. So, we come back regularly & recently we've been approved to volunteer. It's hard for staff to walk all ~300 dogs in a day, so they rely on volunteers to come and help. 
It's super rewarding to get to work with large dogs. Getting them walked / out for potty breaks and playing with them gets physically demanding (especially if they're hyper), but it's a lot of fun!

Texas the Pitbull
Texas the Pitbull"
It's also fun to teach them basic tricks like "Sit" & "Down" - some of them actually know more tricks since they were previously someone's pet. 
Texas getting a treat
Overall, I like how the shelter is able to screen the dogs & categorize which dogs you can handle, which ones you would need more training to work with, which ones you can't walk since they are recovering from an illness, etc.

Dog sitting on a chair
Dog playing with ball

We also saw this adorable kitty while volunteering at AAC today!

Shelter Cat Up For Adoption - Red Panda's Closet
We walk dogs but this one is making me want to try cat enrichment as well.
On that thought, do you guys have any experience working with cats at a shelter? Was it fun? Share your thoughts & experience in the comments below! :)

(P.S. We also heard that it's kitten season
 , and most animal shelters are needing fosters & donations. If you love pups & kitties, go check out a local animal shelter , they might need your help!)

Signed, Romina & Kevin


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