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Why Going Vegan Is Good For The Earth

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Go Vegan For The Earth Red Pandas Closet

Did you know that we can conserve so much water, energy, arable soil, and keep greenhouse gases down if only we stopped breeding & buying butchered farm animals?

1. It takes so much water & energy to produce meat - Producing just 1 lb of meat takes up 2500 gallons of water, which is equivalent to 1440 showers. 
2. It takes up space (as in it displaces wild animals from their natural habitats when the land is used for animal agriculture & farm factories)
3. It absolutely pollutes the environment (soil, water, air) - The animal agriculture industry contributes more greenhouse gases than the transportation industry, and producing meat means there's a lot of animal waste / poop going into the soil & in water sources. 

Please watch the documentaries: @cowspiracy, Earthlings & @forksoverknives to learn more about where your food comes from and what Veganism can do for the planet & for the animals.


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