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Tips For Traveling In A Car With Your Dog

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We love love love our adopted Alex. And we can't bear being away from him! So when we went to a friend's wedding out of state recently, we opted to bring him instead of leaving him in a kennel / boarding facility. And our travels with him have been awesome!

Here's some tips for traveling via car with your pooch:
1. Use a seatbelt harness / pet booster seat / traveling crate to keep them secure. In case an accident happens, your pet could easily get injured & get thrown out the vehicle because they are so light. We also generally keep him in the back seat since it's safer in case the airbag deploys.

2. Bring lots of toys, treats, immunization records, an extra leash, a Thundershirt (if he needs that to stay calm), familiar bedding that smells like him or his home.
3. Find pet friendly stops / hotels / parks / restaurants before the trip. It'll be much easier knowing what locations on the road & in the destination city will accommodate you and your furry family member.

Bonus tip: If you're staying longer than a day out of town, it might be a good idea to take 10 minutes and look at what vet clinics & 24/7 emergency animal hospitals are near where you're staying.  

All in all, it was smooth sailing for the whole 23+ hour drive (that's back and forth combined) and Alex was acting like his usual self while we were at the hotels. He enjoyed the sniffs, and the extra treats, I think.

For the extended drives - we were able to stop every two hours or so for walks & potty breaks. There was a nice little dog park by I-35 in Kansas that he loved, we got quite a bit of exercise getting him to go through the obstacle course. And there's lots & lots of scenic turnouts / tourist centers along most interstate highways that are free to use and easy to get to.

Do you guys ever travel with your pet? Share your tips / thoughts in the comments section below!


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