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Behind The Scenes - Quality Control & Packaging

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Between making jewelry and taking packages to the Post Office, there's quality control & packaging. This is what it looks like when we check orders:

Quality control is the last step before we package your items and have them ready for shipping. We make sure each item and their components (especially the tiny little rings or metal bits) are up to par. Each piece is examined visually & we check for any irregularities or design flaws. All handmade items will have slight variations but we make sure they are up to expectations. They should match the listing descriptions as well as look exactly like pictures. We double check the quantities ordered, what type of item was ordered, and the unique spellings for the customizations as noted by customers.

Personalized orders can be tricky, especially if it involves custom work in a different language. But, checking on accents, punctuation marks and all the little details is a part of going the extra mile to deliver good quality items. After the checks, we have them gift wrapped and make sure each item is ready to give as a gift.

Here's a short video on what happens after, when the products are ready to ship & have passed our quality checks:

Sometimes, especially during busy seasons (like Christmas) Kevin & I will be working in a different area and all you can see is packages, boxes, packaging supplies and tape everywhere! It takes two to check that the correct items are going in the correct package - and carefully so, since we don't want customers to get the wrong items.
It gets more stressful the closer we are to the end of the workday, but we have a system in place to make us more efficient.

After packaging, is shipping! We'll talk more about this next month, and we hope to answer some F.A.Q.'s as well regarding delivery times and shipping in general.

Until then, thank you for reading! Let us know if you have any questions you'd like answers to or any suggestions or things you want to see Behind The Scenes. You can use the contact form or leave us a note in the comments section below! Have a good one!


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